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The arrival of renewables is heralding huge changes in the energy sector. Whereas in the past electricity was produced in a few large power stations, nowadays more than 1.6 million decentralised energy generation plants operate in Germany alone. The challenge the industry faces involves reorganizing the distribution and the control of electricity. New business models are emerging.

Large data streams from the power supply, smart metering and grid operations play a decisive role. The data must be reliable, demonstrably accurate and come from the right source. And in order to be efficient and redundant, devices must also cooperate with each other reliably.  With its cryptography and block chain technology, UBIRCH already meets these requirements.


    Smart sub-metering offers huge potential for new offerings, and not only for energy suppliers. The future will involve more than just recording power consumption per connection or household. Instead, tiny networked sensors will make it possible to measure what individual devices are using. Water, heat, heat cost allocators and many other applications can be read using sensors. UBIRCH provides all these devices with unique identities and documents the consumption of each individual device in a trustworthy and traceable manner. Great news for new business models.


    Whether it is renewable energy or conventional energy, energy supplies cannot currently be traced to their source by consumers. On the contrary, all that is available to them are macro certificates. Thanks to the UBIRCH solution, for the first time end-to-end certification is possible that enables proof of the issue, trading, tracking and collection of electricity or gas right down to the individual powerplant. Once a plant has been registered, consumers can agree to purchase energy from that plant. Once the contract has been entered into a block chain, the quantities generated and consumed are measured by the responsible metering point operators using UBIRCH micro certificates and transferred to a Smart Contract.


    Peer-to-peer trading allows operators of CHP, PV systems or perhaps even wind turbines to sell surplus electricity to other consumers. This could take place in the same neighbourhood for instance. Thanks to data stored in the block chain and collected via sub-metering, UBIRCH offers a secure and practical solution to simplify billing between those involved, even where small delivery volumes are concerned. On the online trading platform, local renewable electricity suppliers can post and sell their energy offerings. In turn, local consumers can choose the composition of their electricity purchases via the platform, or change suppliers.


    Today's modern buildings contain numerous devices and systems that need to be regularly maintained and serviced. In addition to building management systems, these include heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations such as boilers, refrigeration compressors, pumps or fans. Providing that every service and maintenance activity carried out by service providers is secured with the UBIRCH protocol and anchored in the block chain in a forgery-proof manner, traceability and accountability as well as the ability to link service and payment directly by means of smart contracts is easy and reliable.


    It is already foreseeable that due to growth in electric mobility and private charging stations, local electric networks will reach their capacity limits at some point in the future, especially when it comes to providing energy for simultaneous charging. An automated network that is managed digitally by the network operator can provide a remedy. In order to control the complex interactions between multiple actors or assets and to avoid bottlenecks at a distribution network level that are inevitability caused by load shifting, verifiably forecasted, adjusted and actually measured data for the load profiles are required. The UBIRCH solution guarantees this.

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