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The figures speak for themselves: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 15% of the world's food is counterfeit. More than 400,000 people die every year from food poisoning. In Europe alone there are over 23 million cases of illness. No wonder that growing numbers of consumers want to know where their food comes from.

For the first time, IoT offers the opportunity to fundamentally address this problem. The UBIRCH solution creates a starting point for making food and beverage origins transparent. This works by collecting data across the supply chains and anchoring them in the block chain in a forgery-proof manner.I


    Many foods not only contain a wide range of ingredients, but they are also often produced and sourced globally - something that involves a wide variety of businesses from seed manufacturers to farmers, intermediaries, logistics providers, producers, wholesalers and supermarkets. In order to achieve transparency across this complex supply chain, UBIRCH's solution ensures that everyone involved can trust data from the most diverse sources without having to fall back on a uniform platform.


    An uninterrupted cold chain is essential for the well-being of consumers. But also, for the reputation of the companies involved (manufacturers, supermarkets, logistics). However, IoT-based monitoring of this chain only makes sense if those involved can trust the data from the sensor without having to worry it has been manipulated. UBIRCH makes this possible. In a worst case, it is clear to all parties involved where the mistake may have occurred, who is responsible and how the customer can be protected from damage caused by manipulation.


    It is not just product origins that can be determined using IoT. Quality control can also be legally documented. A case in point is glass bottles. In order to prove that the bottles were put into circulation undamaged and free of foreign bodies, information such as the test date, test location, test results and batch number are anchored in the block chain by the UBIRCH solution and made verifiable. This eliminates doubt and reduces the potential for recalls.

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