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Digitalising the healthcare system is a mammoth task. Surgical robots will be remote-controlled, samples will be analysed using telepathology, and critical medical devices will generate forgery-proof log files of administered drugs and patient measurement data. Examples that reveal the stil untapped medical - and also commercial - potential on offer. It is therefore hardly surprising that more than 60% of healthcare organizations worldwide already use IoT devices. And the trend is rising.

But in order to use sensitive IoT data in the healthcare industry it needs to be reliable and safe from manipulation. Cyber Security is the watchword here. UBIRCH meets these requirements with its IoT solution. What is more, the solution anchors data in the block chain in a legally secure manner.


    With the help of a tampon-sized sensor, it is possible to measure how fertile a patient is. To do this, the patient simply inserts the sensor vaginally before going to bed. This then measures her core body temperature overnight. An app transmits the body core temperature and also records the user's personal entries (cervical mucus, cervical os position, etc.). With the help of these entries and the measured core body temperature, the system calculates whether the user is currently fertile or infertile. And the data? They are secured via the UBIRCH solution. More:


    Robotic systems are already assisting doctors and nursing staff in hospitals. But in the not too distant future, robots could be doing much more. According to a study by Rochus Mummert Healthcare Consulting, two out of three hospital managers believe that robots could outperform humans in the operating theatre. However, wherever devices are networked with each other, there is always the risk of cyber-attacks. A danger that UBIRCH blockchain technology can avert.


    Modern medical and care infrastructures increasingly require the use of complex telemedicine. Tissue samples are examined remotely in diagnostic centres, recommendations and treatment procedures are discussed in videoconferences and prescriptions reach the customer digitally. In all these cases, it is essential that the resulting data can be stored in a legally secure manner and checked for validity before use. UBIRCH technology enables just this.

  • Verifiable digital Lab-Results

    Results from a medical lab are increasingly relevant for the healthcare-sector - but also beyond. In the case of Corona-Test Result we offer a solution to store a Corona-Lab-Result as an anonymous certificate in the Blockchain, so that a person that got tested can use it to verify the test result when entering a plane or crossing a border. This approach can also be utilized for other lab-results, e.g. health-certificates for certain jobs etc.

    Digital Lab-Result - PDF

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