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Pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing some major challenges: expiring patents, growing regulatory requirements, eroding profit margins and increasing costs. Nevertheless, digitization offers manufacturers opportunities to develop completely new business models. The Internet of Things has an important role to play in this.

In the future, pharmaceutical companies will be able to use IoT to digitally map processes involving chemical suppliers, production, specialised transport to the packaging at the customer's site. UBIRCH provides the prerequisites for the authenticity of the sensor data, for legally compliant documentation and for the transparency for all those involved in the process chain.


    A potential risk to pharmaceutical production is related to equipment. If components such as sterilizers, vacuum pumps or pH probes do not work properly or even fail, the entire production process can come to a standstill, leading to the need to dispose of entire batches. Financial losses can be huge. IoT sensors can provide a remedy. The real-time data they gather can be used to detect critical problems at an early stage and to carry out necessary maintenance in good time.


    Today's pharmaceutical industry is global and involves complex supply chains and closely interlinked networks of raw material producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers. Thanks to trustworthy data enabled by UBIRCH, it is possible to provide more transparency for manufacturers and other process participants. Sensors provide key data on batch location and environmental conditions throughout the supply chain. Information that enables, for example, timely action to be taken in the event of issues such as outside-the-threshold temperature fluctuations which would normally involve the need to discard medicine.


    Temperature, humidity, light, radiation, CO2 content - if environmental conditions during the production of medicine are suboptimal, there is a risk that the drugs will not meet the high-quality requirements demanded of them. This can have serious consequences for the health of patients. This makes it even more important to possess a real-time overview of the production and storage environment. The UBIRCH IoT solution ensures that the collected sensor data is trustworthy, cannot be manipulated and, if necessary, is documented in a legally secure manner.

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