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Today, over 55% of the world's population already live in urban areas. According to the UN, this figure will rise to more than 68% in 2050. This is an enormous challenge for the cities and the humans that live in them. Nevertheless, the challenge can be met using sensor technology. Even today. Thanks to the Smart City.

In the perfect networked city, »owners« of public data do not exist in the traditional sense. Instead, anyone can access and use data from public infrastructures. This means traditional security solutions, which are primarily designed to protect the readability of data by others, are no longer necessary. This, in turn, poses an essential question: Are the data authentic and untampered with? The UBIRCH solution not only ensures this but also does away with the need to make additional investments in securing the transmission channels..


    Today, waste containers are emptied according to a fixed schedule.  It would be smarter, however, to use lot sensors to monitor fill levels in order to optimize routes and schedules around waste collection regulations. This helps to avoid emptying half-full containers, reduce fuel consumption and ease congestion. Local authorities can collect statistical data on each container’s fill level and efficiently manage all their containers within a given district. By making this data trustworthy, UBIRCH provides a secure basis for planning.


    Thanks to sensor data, traffic flows in cities can be managed intelligently. Vehicle sensors determine the location of vehicles, while sensors in the road surface determine the number and speed of the vehicles driving on it. Intelligent traffic lights make it possible to monitor the green phase and adjust the traffic light system in real time to avoid traffic jams. And should an ambulance approach the lights on its way to an emergency, the traffic lights automatically switch to green. But to ensure safety, data integrity is essential. The UBIRCH solution ensures this.


    Administration, telecommunications, energy, water, gas, healthcare, transport and traffic - critical infrastructures are the Achilles' heel of every city. Their protection is a major challenge for fully networked cities. To safeguard them, IoT data must be effectively protected against misuse, manipulation and hacker attacks. The UBIRCH method helps to build trustworthy IoT infrastructures and to make data available to many different users. 

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