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We as a specialist in cryptography and cybersecurity technology. Our Digital Vaccination, Recovery and Test Certificate technology helps other countries meet the EU’s requirements for its Digital COVID Certificate. It enables any country to start their own EU-ready digital vaccination certificate solution, or update their existing solution, within a few days to secure travel corridors. We are part of a consortium that recently won the contract to provide Germany’s official Covid-19 vaccine passport.


Our platform is the only privacy-compliant system to enable military-grade security of both vaccination and recovery status and digital lab-results. This ensures that any combined digital and paper-based Covid Vaccination and Recovery aswell as Test certificate complies with the most stringent privacy regulations and EU requirements. Our Digital Vaccination Certificate solution can be rapidly deployed and allows for quick and reliable airport check-in, as well as stadium, theatre and museum entrances.

Our technology allows for the deployment of a digital certificate displaying a QR code. This could either be in the form of a digital passport but printed formats are also supported - such as a physical card similar to a credit card that displays the QR code. In alignment with EU requirements, the QR code encodes personal information such as the name, date of birth and the details of the vaccination or test, and anyone scanning the code sees the information. The data is not centrally saved elsewhere, and only the recipient can provide access to it. We offer a solution working with a public key infrastructure compliant to the EU Digital COVID Certificates (EUDCC) interoperability requirements so it can be easily verified for authenticity by a third party. Alternatively, we can add an extended security layer creating an anonymized hash or fingerprint of the QR code data and anchor it in a blockchain in order to prove that a certificate has been issued within the authorized environment of the public health authorities of a country.

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We provide a vital and trusted link between governments and private businesses, such as airlines and travel providers, to secure travel corridors. In addition to the upcoming official German vaccine certificate, the UBIRCH platform is already trusted and is being field-tested in two German counties, as well as the five biggest German airports, such as Frankfurt and Berlin. We are member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative and will be used by several multinational travel companies.

govdigital eG is a cooperative of 15 federal and municipal IT service providers
as well as the “Bundesdruckerei” – a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of
the German federal government which secures identities, data and infrastructure
– offering highly secure and data protection-friendly storage.


Lufthansa Industry Solutions GmbH & Co. KG supports the digital transformation with IT consulting and system integration – naturally in the aviation industry, but also for many other industries such as healthcare, logistics or tourism in general.


The Good Health Pass Collaborative is an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative, bringing together leading companies and organizations from the technology, health, and travel sectors. The members are creating a blueprint for interoperable digital health pass systems and building a safe path to restore international travel and restart the global economy.

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