Workshops on Cyber Security for IoT data

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IoT and blockchain


Join us in looking at the world of IoT and blockchain from a different perspective. In the years to come, these two technologies will revolutionise the economy. Learn about their potential, develop your own ideas and implement them in the best way possible.

In our workshop you will learn how to embed your data directly in the blockchain - readable worldwide and completely tamper-proof. The day begins with an overview of IoT and blockchain technology and the challenges facing cyber security - and ends with a real hackathon. Perfect not just for generating ideas, but also for making them immediately understandable. During the workshop you will also learn much more about the Internet of Things and the blockchain, as well as generate new ideas for your business. To make it easy to get started, we use hardware and software that has been specially developed for people with little previous knowledge. You will be surprised how quickly IoT applications can be created with it.

We promise that you product will "talk" to the blockchain in less than two hours.

You recognize digital transformation’s potential and would like to know how trustworthy data can benefit your company? We have got some answers for you.

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Thanks to UBIRCH secured data, there are no limits to the scope of new data-based digital business models. We have put together some examples from different industries for you.

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