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The UBIRCH Universal Verification Service (UVS) is a unique solution which helps to combine the EU DCC from different EU States into one verification service, which can be implemented into every system. Verify all European Digital COVID-Certificates in your own infrastructure. Start immediately with minimum effort - no maintenance activities - everything from one trusted source


    The UBIRCH UVS is capable of verifying vaccination certificates, test results and also certificates of recovery from all countries in the European Union (EU DCC) and associated nations. It will be fully compatible with the emerging WHO standard for digital vaccination certificates. The UBIRCH UVS comes as a secure onpremise service (docker image) and is able to be easily integrated in all your existing systems.

  • Expert know-how

    Together with IBM Germany, govdigital and Bechtle, UBIRCH develops the digital COVID vaccination certificate for Germany. That’s why UBIRCH can provide its partners with unparalleled knowledge about both technical, but also regulatory aspects around Digital COVID Certificates. Thus, UVS Customers can be sure that the UVS always complies with the latest regulations and technical requirements, now and in the future.

Case Study:

Together with the Cologne-based cybersecurity company UBIRCH and the Berlin-based software provider Corussoft, Koelnmesse has developed a process to speed up access controls at the trade fair entrance. As a result, trade fair visitors arriving from an EU country and having access to an EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) can now link their COVID proof to their trade fair ticket. The first successful test of the innovative solution took place at Anuga 2021 – the world's most important trade fair for the food and beverage industry.


The whole region

All certificates issued by all EU member states can be verified and validated. We will extend the service to other regions as soon as they deploy similar standards.

Always up to date

UBIRCH’s exclusive service ensures that you are always ready for the latest requirements. We are constantly developing the client and adapting it to changes or new systems, like the emerging WHO standard for digital vaccination certificates.

Fast and professional help

In addition to UBIRCH’s outstanding support via Mail and chat with experienced employees at UBIRCH, you also get access to all the documentation about the architecture of the certificates, special technical information and API Descriptions.

Lightweight architecture

The UBIRCH Universal Verification Service is built to be easily integrated into existing systems. Our easy-to-use cloud solution can be deployed on any infrastructure.


There are numerous areas where a fast and secure verification of tickets is necessary. We add the opportunity to verify and validate DCC’s to the process, where checking every certificate manually simply takes too long. With the UBIRCH Universal Verification Service, you can integrate our solution into your systems and optimize your workflow, in every case verifying DCC’s is needed.


    When people travel, the virus might travel along as stowaway. That is why more and more countries require proof of a negative test result, a vaccination certificate or an immunity proof before granting entry permits. To ensure this, the EU standardized the Digital COVID Certificates. We provide the companies who enable the travel with our unique UBIRCH Universal Verification Service to be integrated directly into your software universe, enabling you to verify the DCC’s right at the check-in or even better before, bringing back the comfort and easy of online and pre-checking.

  • Events

    Even when distance keeping and wearing compulsory masks, it will take some time before major events like trade fairs, concerts or sport events, can be held in the usual setting. When used in security control at the gate of stadiums, festivals, trade fairs etc., the UBIRCH Universal Verification Service allows verifying DCC’s directly at the entry of large events in an easy and secure way. The use of the UVS can reduce the time to check the status and the ticket of the guests dramatically and provides a better experience for all your customers. It even provides the opportunity for participants of big events to trustworthy pre-register their health credentials and have them verified and validated by the organizer before arriving at the venue. Regardless of the area of application, the Universal Verification Service is an effective helper in the fight against corona and makes the world a little bit safer for all of us.

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