Two Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshidi – connect to your loved ones

The feeling of closeness and intimacy are the result of close and intimate communication. This kind of communication is established on different levels, one being the casual sharing of intimate „spur of the moment“ information. This casual communication happens en route in normal family life between all members of the family. But only if they life in the same place.

„Hi grandma, I like moms apple pie, but yours is still better.“

„Hi grandpa, I saw a red kite today, just like we did during your last visit.“

Of course there are phones, email and instant messaging services for our communication needs, but they don’t really close that gap. Making a phone call or typing an email or text message lacks the casual quality that induces a feeling of closeness and intimacy. The process of preparing a computer or smartphone (turning on, unlocking, starting an app) is not an immediate experience at all.

ubirch is proud to introduce Kokeshidi – bringing the tradition of Kokeshi into the digital realm. Kokeshi are wooden dolls, originating in 18th century Japan, that were given as a present to family and friends. Later on people started to put messages on paper strips into these Kokeshi dolls to give family and friends abroad something even more personal to remember them by.

Kokeshidi transport this tradition into the age of the Internet of Things. Like their ancestor, Kokeshidi are also wooden dolls, but they connect to the ubirch IoT network. If you touch it with both hands, it records a voice message and sends it on it’s way to a remote paired Kokeshidi. The remote Kokeshidi signals the arrival of a message and, if you touch it with both hands, plays it back. This connection works both ways and enables small tidbits of casual communication that create a feeling of closeness and intimacy.

Kokeshidi are utilizing a zero configuration approach. Just turn them on and you are ready to go – no WiFi setup, no logins, no configuration at all. They arrive pre-paired to each other and use the wireless cell service (GSM) to establish a secure connection via the ubirch IoT-network – everywhere in the world.

Where can I buy one? – Kokeshidi are at the prototype stage right now. Market launch is scheduled for the second half of 2016.

Connect to your loved ones.