UBIRCH Fake COVID-19 test results are on the rise - and what to do about it

Fake COVID-19 test results are on the rise – and what to do about it

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, is warning over fake COVID-19 tests on their official website. This can jeopardize successfully containing the pandemic. We think a digital COVID-19 test certificate can be a solution approaching this problem.

If you want to travel to Germany from a risk area or want to spend your vacation in a safe travel destination, you often need to present a negative COVID-19 test result. But as the test costs time and money, and the procedure is a little uncomfortable, one could get the idea that it is easier to somehow fake and print out a negative corona test result yourself.

What sounds like a bad joke seems to become very real. In Bavaria, the police found 45 fake Corona test results during control in a coach on 57 passengers. But also, when entering holiday countries that require a negative COVID-19 test, there are fakes. In Brazil, 4 tourists were arrested with fake corona tests. People who enter or leave the country with fake COVID-19 tests endanger other people. Europol is warning over fake COVID-19 test results on their official website
In addition to the fake negative results, there are of course also fake positive results that employees can use to get rid of work. The American FBI, for example, warns against such methods. Both types of fake tests are dangerous. They undermine the integrity of the tests as a whole and fuel theories that the tests are too imprecise anyway. But what can oppose such methods?


You need a COVID-19 Test to enter a country | Image of Bag with mask

At UBIRCH, we believe that a verifiable, digital COVID-19 test certificate can be a solution to approaching the corona test result manipulation issue. This is why we have developed a readily available secure solution that verifies a person’s SARS-CoV-2 test status in compliance with GDPR and the highest data security standards with the help of robust cryptography and innovative Blockchain technology. This certificate is already in use at several major airports in Germany.

Events & Workplaces could profit from a digital COVID-19 test certificate

Currently societies all over the world are facing lockdowns or hard restrictions but with more and more people getting vaccinated, the number of new COVID-19 cases will hopefully decline and hard restrictions can be withdrawn. Until then a digital COVID-19 test certificate is still of use for safer travels – and probably even then, because some people won’t be able to get vaccinated because of health reasons.

But also in other areas of application than travel a digital COVID-19 test certificate can be useful like for companies or events. For some workplaces for example, home office is not feasible but employers are concerned about their employees’ health during the Corona pandemic. New digital solutions, such as the Digital Test Certificate from UBIRCH, can make workplaces safer for companies and employees in the long term.

Another example is the event industry, which suffers from the Corona crisis. Digital solutions can play an important role by creating conditions in which events can take place again, including digitized test results, contact tracing and check-in processes.



Digitization in the healthcare sector opens up many opportunities to accelerate processes, use resources more efficiently and offer patients better performance. However, this must not be done at the expense of security or data protection.

A test result that can be reliably used and digitally verified in various situations thanks to the UBIRCH Digital Test Certificate, regardless of the medium (paper, PDF, wallet pass, …), is an important contribution to successful digitization.


Our Digital Test Certificate complies with the highest data protection requirements due to the strict anonymization. At no time will test results or other personal data be processed by UBIRCH or stored in the Blockchain.
The data sovereignty and control lie exclusively with the tested person. Only she receives the QR code and decides to whom to show it for verification.
The UBIRCH Digital Test Certificate is therefore extremely data privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant. This could be a lighthouse for future technology, where the user has supremacy over his or her data.