On Friday, 22 January 2021, the Bavarian district of Altötting became one of the first in Europe to introduce a digital vaccination certificate. The technology behind the digital proof of vaccination is provided by UBIRCH. Together with our partner govdigital, we enable a secure, privacy-friendly, digital infrastructure to make a person’s vaccination status digitally verifiable. govdigital eG is a cooperative of 15 IT service providers of the federal states and municipalities as well as the Bundesdruckerei, offering highly secure and data protection-friendly storage. The launch was accompanied by broad media coverage throughout Germany – both in online and print media as well as on TV.


Starting with a pre-launch interview of our CEO Stephan Noller (“Wir sollten heilfroh sein”) in the prestigious “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ Plus) on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. In the interview Noller outlines the economic and societal chances of a proof of a digital test or vaccination certificate. In the next two days two more articles were published in the same newspaper. The first one was announcing the launch of the digital vaccination certificate (“Erster Landkreis bietet digitalen Corona-Impfnachweis”) in Altötting (Bavaria) followed by an interview with the county comissioner of Altötting Erwin Schneider (“Microsoft will das bauen – wir haben’s schon”).

On the day of the project’s launch, the „Passauer Neue Presse“ wrote about the digital vaccination record as a pioneering project throughout Europe  (Digitaler Impfausweis: Landkreis Altötting ist europaweiter Vorreiter”) and extended their reporting with another article saying “Altötting is a pioneer: First digital vaccination certificate issued”(Altötting ist Vorreiter: Erster digitaler Impfpass vergeben”) on the same day.

Also the German “Ärztenachrichtendienst”, a special medium for medical professionals wrote about the launch of the digital vaccination certificate in Altötting  (“Erster Landkreis bietet Impfausweise an”).

And not only magazines reported about the launch of the digital vaccination certificate. The “Bayrischer Rundfunk” published a short video footage covering the launch in Altötting (02:51min – Available until 26.1.2021) in their news as well as the TV Station “Sat1” and the TV Station “Servus TV“.

The well-known German newspaper “WELT” also wrote two articles about the launch in Altötting. A shorter one about assigning the first digital vaccination certificate to the first person getting the second vaccination in Altötting (“Landkreis Altötting: Erster digitaler Impfpass vergeben”) and a longer article with Erwin Schneider explaining why he decided to introduce the digital vaccination certificate (“Bayerischer Landkreis vergibt bereits einen digitalen Corona-Impfpass”).

Even the famous boulevard newspaper “BILD” released a short article (“Im Alleingang ersten digitalen Corona-Impfpass vergeben”) about Altötting being the first in Germany to introduce a digital vaccination certificate. And also the German TV station “RTL” published an article (“Landkreis Altötting: Erster digitaler Impfpass vergeben”) on their website as well as “ News”.

“”, a German based technology and lifestyle magazine, also wrote an article (“Digitaler Covid-Impfpass: In Altötting gibt es ihn bereits”) about the launch of the digital vaccination certificate in Altötting. A similar article can be found on “”.
Also “”, an experts magazine focused on IT and technology(“Bayerischer Landkreis vergibt ersten digitalen Corona-Impfpass”) wrote about Altötting and the launch of the digital vaccination certificate.

The local and regional media in Bavaria also picked up the story about the digital vaccination certificate. The “Frankenpost” wrote about Altötting as well as “”, the “Mittelbayrische Zeitung”  and “” 

The “RND (Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland)”, an external editorial office, wrote about the launch of the digital vaccination certificate in Altöttingen.

Even the Dutch news channel NOS ran an article about the introduction of the digital vaccination certificate in Altötting.

Last but not least, several cryptocurrency blogs and media also wrote about the digital vaccination certificate in Altötting, namely:







If you need more information you can download our brochure about the UBIRCH Digital Vaccination Certificate below.