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The procurement of ESG data (especially for Scope 1, 2 and 3) is becoming an ever greater challenge for many companies. Entire teams are often set up just to request, check and consolidate this type of data from suppliers. As reduction targets must also be met, the need for corporate management with ESG data will soon be added to this.

With the ESG Data Exchange Network, UBIRCH has developed a cloud solution with which ESG Scope 3 data from suppliers can be retrieved in an innovative and extremely simple way.


The UBIRCH ESG Data Exchange Network is revolutionizing the way in which reporting companies in particular can collect Scope 3 data. After all, our cloud solution offers access to all relevant ESG data that suppliers have already stored on our platform. And if suppliers are missing, they can be requested with just a few clicks to enter their data into the system in a structured form.

Our solution can be used via a simple data subscription and offers you numerous advantages as a collector of ESG data:

  • More efficient processes

    No new complex processes, no duplication of work, no need to set up your own IT solution - never before has it been so easy to systematically receive Scope 3 data from external partners. Incidentally, key tasks involved in calculating ESG shares and assigning them to the correct categories are carried out automatically. This alone significantly reduces the effort required to collect ESG data.

  • Easier supplier management

    Does your purchasing department have a management requirement to take greater account of sustainable suppliers in future and to build up a corresponding pool? Thanks to our ESG Data Exchange Network, this is an easy task. Your procurement department can research suitable suppliers on our platform - or bring completely new suppliers into your network via a standardized process. From the initial inquiry to automated management and disclosure.

  • Reduction of the liability risk

    If you are required to report in accordance with the CSRD Directive, it is not only the company that is responsible for the accuracy of the information and data published. The management can also be held personally liable in the event of a lack of due diligence and non-compliance with legal requirements. To minimize these risks, all data is stored in the Exchange Network in an audit-proof manner.

  • Permanent sustainability monitoring

    If you want to know how far your company has come with decarbonizationDecarbonization, you don't want to wait for the next sustainability report. And you don't have to. Because our Exchange Network also provides data during the year on the path to CO2 neutrality.

  • Improved company rating

    If you require financing in the future, banks are obliged to integrate ESG factors into their credit risk strategy.This includes, for example, adding an ESG risk score to credit processes and taking into account the fulfillment of sustainability criteria in your company's ability to service debt. It's good to know that you can use our ESG Data Exchange Network to create a reliable database for a better rating of your company.

  • Enhancing reputation

    Customers, employees and investors appreciate companies that take responsibility for the environment and society and pursue a clear sustainability strategy. In order to avoid falling into the trap of "green washing" in its activities, it is crucial to base ESG reporting on comprehensive and audit-proof data. And this is exactly what our Data Exchange Network can provide.

  • Last but not least: the Ubirch ESG assistant. Powered by AI.

    Countless questions arise when preparing an ESG report. For specific legal texts, for relevant implementation guidelines and so on. We support you in finding the right answers. Or rather, our AI assistant. Based on the latest OpenAI technology, we have trained our ESG assistant to answer ESG-relevant technical questions accurately. It also has access to a large database of emission factors and industry averages and can help to make specific emission calculations in dialog.

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