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An increasing number of companies are being confronted with requests for ESG data from their customers. It is not uncommon for the request to come directly from the customer's purchasing department, with correspondingly high significance. At the same time, the information for these requests is often similar - but must always be answered individually. And not only that: the binding nature of the information and the increase in liability risks are also on the rise.

Major challenges that we will not leave you alone with. The UBIRCH ESG Data Exchange Network is a unique cloud solution that makes it extremely easy for you to provide ESG data to requesting companies.


With the ESG Data Exchange Network from UBIRCH, you are able to enter your ESG data via an easy-to-use interface. In addition to company-wide footprint data (CCF), product-specific characteristic values (PCF) can also be stored. Inquiring companies or clients can easily download all the required information and evidence in a standardized and digitally signed form.

The use of our Exchange Networks works via a simple data subscription and offers you numerous advantages as a publisher of ESG data:

  • More efficiency

    You don't have to worry about setting up new processes for ESG reporting, additional personnel resources and costs that are difficult to calculate. Once recorded, your ESG evidence can be shared with all requesting companies via the Exchange Network with just a few clicks and without any further effort.

  • ESG-ready

    In 2024, the EU's CSR Directive will mean that more and more companies will be required to report and request ESG data from suppliers and partners. No longer a challenge for your company. Because with UBIRCH you are ESG-ready: your evidence is already structured and available in our Exchange Network in accordance with the latest EU requirements.

  • Greater competitive

    Show existing and potential clients how far you have already come in terms of sustainability. The ESG data for your company and your products stored in our Exchange Network will give you a competitive edge and improve your rating with financial institutions.

  • Der Ubirch ESG-Assistent. Angetrieben von AI.

    Countless questions arise when preparing an ESG report. We can help you with specific legal texts, relevant implementation guidelines and many other issues. We support you with this. Or rather, our AI assistant. Based on the latest OpenAI technology, we have trained our ESG AI assistant to answer ESG-relevant technical questions accurately. The assistant also has access to a large database of emission factors and industry averages and can help to carry out specific emission calculations in dialog.

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