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More and more companies are feeling the pressure to become more sustainable and fulfil ESG criteria. Yours too? Because you are affected by the ESG reporting obligation, for example? Because you are aware of the growing importance of your ESG balance sheet? Or because you already have your eye on the new, binding rules of the EU CSRD Directive, which will bring significant changes for many companies? Or because your customers are simply asking for it?

Whatever your answer is: with the UBIRCH DATA EXCHANGE NETWORK, you are already ideally positioned when it comes to ESG reporting. Our cloud platform is revolutionising the way companies provide, collect or exchange ESG data: simply, efficiently and reliably.



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Exclusive ESG Study
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The study analyses how companies in Germany are reacting to the upcoming requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It is based on a survey of 202 people responsible for ESG in companies. The CSRD will lead to companies also requiring ESG data from their suppliers for their Scope 3 footprint. The study analyses how companies are preparing to collect, process and publish this data.

To access the full study, register your company in the ESG Data Exchange network. Registration is completely free and, in addition to downloading the full ESG study, allows you to take advantage of other exclusive benefits such as the generation of a machine-readable certificate for your company's sustainability data.

Do you
have to provide
ESG Data?

  • Then you are a Data Supplier in the ESG Ecosystem!

    Are you repeatedly asked by your customers to provide your ESG data? For example, as part of reporting obligations, tenders or in purchasing processes. Or do you collect your ESG data on a voluntary basis, e.g. to be able to market your "green" products more convincingly and successfully thanks to a proven carbon footprint?

    Then you are certainly facing the challenge of having to collect or deliver your emissions data (for Scope 1, 2 and 3) in the required scope and quality. With the UBIRCH Data Exchange Network, you can now do this more easily, efficiently and reliably than ever before.

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Do you 
have to collect
ESG Data?

  • Then you are a data collector in the ESG Ecosystem

    Does your company have to report in accordance with legal requirements such as the EU CSRD Directive or the Supply Chain Act? And do you also have to provide evidence of your Scope 3 footprint?

    Not an easy task. Ultimately, the question arises as to how you can obtain the required data from your many suppliers, bring together a wide variety of sources and consolidate all the information. It's a good thing that UBIRCH offers the right solution with its unique Data Exchange Network. Developed exclusively and solely for structured, simple and audit-proof ESG reporting.

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Our AI assistant
For the collection of
your ESG data

Our AI-powered ESG assistant revolutionizes the collection of your ESG data!

By integrating the latest AI technology from OpenAI, we have developed an assistant that has extensive knowledge in the field of ESG. It is well versed in the specific legal texts and relevant implementation guidelines to promptly and accurately answer your numerous technical questions when preparing an ESG report. Our intelligent ESG assistant also has access to an extensive database of emission factors and industry averages in order to carry out specific emission calculations in dialog with you.

See for yourself by opening the wizard with a simple click on the "bubble icon" at the bottom right. Try it out and experience how efficiently and purposefully our ESG assistant supports your concerns.

Helping to make
The world a
greener place

We want to help put the brakes on climate change!
The Ubirch ESG Data Exchange Network makes it easy for companies to receive ESG data from suppliers, which is efficiently structured and integrated directly into a Scope 3 report. Our automatic signing ensures secure data transmission and fulfils the highest standards in data protection and security. With this innovative solution, we are helping companies to better understand their environmental impact and better target their sustainability efforts. Together, we are helping to make the world a little greener.


Store your ESG data once in the Exchange Network - and save many times over. That's the idea behind our Exchange Network. The leverage is enormous. Especially if you as a company have to work with numerous suppliers. Our calculation tool will give you an initial idea of the enormous savings effect. Take the test.

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