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Join us on a journey into the future of corporate sustainability data management. Our comprehensive study on the status of implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) was conducted in November/December 2023 with 202 participants who bear responsibility for ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) in their companies. 

The reporting obligation for all large companies, which will begin in 2024 or the following years, will mean that the majority of suppliers and service providers of these companies will also be asked by their customers for ESG data for their Scope 3 footprint. Find out from this quantitative study in detail which strategy and which tools companies in Germany are using to respond to the ESG requirements and how they are actively preparing to record all relevant data correctly, process it in an audit-proof manner and publish it in machine-readable form or pass it on to other companies.

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You are a
of ESG data?

Publishers of ESG data are companies that have to make their ESG (environmental, social, governance) data available to others, for example as part of reporting obligations, tenders or purchasing.

They can make their ESG data available via the UBIRCH Data Exchange Network so that customers can obtain it from a central location. The data is digitally signed and can be obtained in various formats. In addition to company-wide footprint data (CCF), product-specific parameters (PCF) can also be stored.

You are a 
of ESG data?

ESG data collectors, also known as subscriber services, are intended for reporting companies that want to compile their Scope 3 footprint step by step.

They can include existing data publishers or request them if additional data is required. High-quality suppliers of 3rd party data can also play a role here to supplement missing data.


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