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Helping to make
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Worried, but also passionate about Climate Change and our Future

We developed an ESG Data Exchange Network and a pioneering solution that helps companies meet the increasing demands of ESG reporting while saving time and resources. 

What does this mean? We're helping to save the world. Climate Change, caused by greenhouse gases, is real, very real! Running wild this will cause huge damage to the foundations of human civilization. Many people and organizations have realized this and are working towards a "carbon-free" future. The EU's CSR Directive and the Green House Gas Protocol are two initiatives to first measure the impact of companies on the global climate in a comparable and objective way and then reduce harmful emissions. Because … You can't manage what you don't measure!

By processing ESG data efficiently and reliably, companies can improve their sustainability performance and make a positive contribution to the global transformation towards a sustainable future. With our technology, we enable companies to digitize existing (raw) data, standardize it, make it processable, shareable and audit-proof, and support companies in creating ESG/CSRD sustainability reports and meeting their data collection and data delivery obligations.


Big Data software specialist. Hardware hacker and firmware guy. Developer of Snipsnap (combination of Wiki and Weblog) and founder of Streamdrill (real-time data analysis).


Serial entrepreneur and product strategy specialist. Ex Head of Business Development at, ex Pixelpark, ex Elephant Seven, ex Zalando Media Solutions. Blockchain and Smart Contract Enthusiast, fascinated by the transformative power of digital technologies.


Serial entrepreneur and specialist for data-driven business models. Founder of the targeting specialist (sold to Deutsche Post/DHL), trackle (medical technology) and Calliope (microcomputers for schools). Tried to convince shop-owners in my hometown to avoid plastic bags in the early 80s of last century.


Karim H. Attia has been active as an entrepreneur and business angel in the digital economy for over 20 years. In 1999, Karim H. Attia founded XENION, one of the first and later market-leading online marketing agencies in Germany, where he was responsible for the corporate strategy and internationalization.


expert advisory


The UBIRCH expert advisory committee consists of outstanding personalities with proven expertise and reputation in their fields. Our top-class experts combine experience, excellent networking and outstanding professional competence. The executive advisory committee assumes advisory and representative functions.

  • Urmi Prasad Richardson

    On the UBIRCH expert advisory committee, Urmi Prasad Richardson is able to leverage her international experience (fluent in three languages and conversational in another three, at home in more than half a dozen countries) and 20+ years industry expertise in healthcare, biotech and pharma. 

    As a visionary thought leader, Ms. Richardson sees the potential of UBIRCH and Blockchain technology to realize opportunities and solve challenges related to the digitalization of data-driven innovative IoT services and devices in healthcare. This is because securing sensitive data and protecting it from manipulation will play a decisive role in enabling innovative applications for healthcare and biotechnology. 

    Prior to joining Thermo Fisher Scientific as President of EMEA, Ms. Richardson was Global Head of Healthcare at Linde for several years.  Previous roles have included VP International at Foundation Medicine (Roche), and senior positions in business development and strategy for Novartis, Immucor, Chiron and G.D. Searle.

Dr Sewing - Photo by Boris Breuer
  • Dr. Birte Sewing

    Dr Birte Sewing brings more than 15 years of proven experience in the financial and insurance industry to the UBIRCH expert advisory committee. Her focus: building new business models that use technological innovations to transform financial services and make the industry fit for the future Birte Sewing has deep expertise on how digital offerings and strategies in the financial services sector can transform value chains and open up new business areas.

    For Birte Sewing, UBIRCH brings the expertise to create many more relevant fields of application for banks, insurance companies and asset managers through the use of cryptography and blockchain technology and to further develop the cybersecurity market. Keyword: Highest integrity with maximum portability of sensitive data at the same. Whether in the expanded product portfolio in "Banking of Things" or in claims management processes for parametric insurance. 

    The central themes that connect Birte Sewing and UBIRCH are being more agile, making faster decisions and designing tangible applications based on cryptography and blockchain technology that have the potential to really create added value.
    Birte Sewing's career took her from McKinsey & Company to Deutsche Bank and the Munich Re subsidiary ERGO before she joined the fintech company finleap as Chief Operation Officer. 


UBIRCH takes its name from a digital installation created by company founder Stephan Noller. Stephan attached stars to a birch tree in his front garden that blink in response to tweets sent from all over the world. UBIRCH’s enthusiasm for digital transformation knows no bounds! The tree lights even have their own Twitter account (@sternibirke). When the account name gets mentioned in tweets, the system reacts and the stars momentarily light up.

Once IoT comes out from behind laptop screens and is able to breathe life into everyday things such as a tree - even via social media - IoT data-driven processes can be the growth engine for a new movement where we start treating our natural ressources in a more balanced and respectful way.


We believe in the power of meaningful ESG disclosures and reports, therefore we will be publishing our own report here for the first time, soon.

But we have worked on the emission figures already and made two important disclosures on our ESG platform that can be used immediately by all our customers.

1. A full emission GHG disclosure for the year 2023

2. A PCF for the Usage of our OpenAI-based ESG Assistant

Just log into the platform above and have a look!

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