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Fraudsters are always inventive. And forge much more than just products. Test marks, certificates and attestations are also being counterfeited. The more professional they are, the harder it is to detect their work. And when it is detected, the damage has usually been done.

UBIRCH recently developed a block-chain-based procedure for forgery-proof documents that, among other things, prevents fraud and manipulation, and digitally underlines the value of certificates. To achieve this, this innovative solution anchors each document to relevant details in the block chain.

An initial pilot project with the German Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) has already been started and is going well.


    To make the process as easy as possible, UBIRCH creates individual QR codes on BVDW certificates. These redirect the user to a landing page containing pre-filled information or a data entry mask (name of the company and the quality certificate etc). After clicking the "verify" button, the user receives visual feedback as to the verification status of the data. Verification is carried out against block chain anchors in the document. If verification is successful, further meta-information can be taken from the respective block chain transaction, such as the transaction code or the time of anchoring.


    The Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) has estimated that in 2019 the annual damage to the German economy caused by counterfeit products amounted to some 7.16 billion euros. Thankfully the UBIRCH solution for providing tamper-proof certificates is aimed at every manufacturer in the world who wants to demonstrate the value of their products by verifying their authenticity. The solution is of particular interest to those companies whose products are repeatedly marketed as plagiarisms.

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