Digitizing our traditional
healthcare system
is an important and
worthwhile goal

New and innovative eHealth processes hold great potential for improvements in quality and efficiency - but above all, they can also create exciting new business models. To exploit all the possibilities of automation, trustworthy data at all levels is key.

The UBIRCH Trust Platform, which provided tamper-proof vaccination and test evidence during the pandemic and has already secured over a billion data points in total, can support here in many ways. Whether it's findings, diagnoses, measurements, or lab results, it's only through digital verification that dark processing becomes fully possible.

Use cases

Below are some use cases that we are already working on implementing

Medical supply processes

A well-known provider of solutions for electronic end-to-end case processing in the entire application, approval and settlement process for medical aids, remedies, home health care and driving services was looking for a way to fix all linked documents, data and receipts in a tamper-proof manner and to make them digitally verifiable.

Thanks to the integration, which was easily implemented within just a few working days, in the future the billing of the service will not only be fully electronic, but also documented and verifiable in a legally compliant manner at every step.

The functional principle of the UBIRCH Trust Platform allows the verifiability of data without central storage, making fully GDPR-compliant processes possible.

Digitally verifiable lab results

An insurance company was looking for optimization potential in the processing of new contracts. Instead of the rather time-consuming process of health assessment and certification by a doctor, a shortened laboratory analysis was to be used.

The concept that is currently being implemented includes the consistent use of the UBIRCH Trust Platform to award contracts to laboratories and the return of certified laboratory results in a standardized, verifiable format.

By integrating the UBIRCH API into the systems of laboratories and insurance companies, a tamper-proof and verifiable order placement and feedback process is created that makes processing fully automatable, even if parts of the process are initially still paper-based.

ePR import/export

Data contained in the electronic patient record is in principle trustworthy. However, this only benefits those who can directly access the ePR themselves. The BMG's new digitization strategy provides for the possibility of making data excerpts from the ePR available for further use. These can be secured very easily with the UBIRCH Trust Platform, making it possible to verify their authenticity and integrity at any time.

Also, for the import of any kind of "second hand" data, i.e. laboratory findings or other results, which cannot be written directly into the ePR by the producer, certification by the UBIRCH Trust Platform at the time of creation is recommended.

In this way, the originality of the data can be easily verified during the subsequent upload, regardless of whether it is done by a physician or the patient.

Qualification management

The knowledge of healthcare professionals is subject to increasingly rapid changes and ongoing training is consequently becoming a necessity more and more often. In order to make the corresponding training certificates and attendance confirmations easy to check and process, UBIRCH and its cooperation partners are preparing a standardizable solution with the help of which each confirmation will receive a verifiable QR code in the future.

More and more often, the presence of a defined proof of qualification at the service provider is becoming a prerequisite for the billing of the services provided.

Digitally verifiable proofs with the UBIRCH Trust Platform enable automatic processing of billing documents without manual verification of proofs.

Counterfeit-proof materials

The supply of clinics and laboratories in the healthcare sector requires the procurement and provision of many products, some of which must meet the highest quality standards. This makes it even more important to be on the safe side when it comes to the resources and consumables used and to be able to prove their origin beyond doubt.

The integration of a product identity secured by UBIRCH on batch size 1 already at the moment of production and the automatic verification of this certificate by the consumable device can raise security to a new level at this point. If a product cannot be verified, the device will not accept it, or will refuse to return to regular operation after maintenance.

In this way, simple end-to-end verification can provide the certainty that is sometimes vital, without making logistics processes uneconomically complicated.


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