Minechain, Airxbig
and Virinnox
win the 1rst
Ubirch Startup Challenge

Cologne, September 22, 2022. Today the technology company Ubirch announces the winners of the 1st Ubirch Startup Challenge. The 1st place goes to Minechain GmbH from Cologne, followed by the two Austrian startups AIRXBIG Projektentwicklungs GmbH (2nd place) and VIRINNOX Projektentwicklungs GmbH. In addition to cash prizes, all three companies will receive an exclusive package with 10,000 free certification credits from Ubirch. 

Stephan Noller, Ubirch CEO: "We are overwhelmed by the different application examples of the participating startups. The companies' proposals, especially those of the three winners, have convinced us that the topic of data integrity is more than just a niche topic in the field of cybersecurity. The Ubirch Startup Chal-lenge has proven that there are many visionaries and pioneers who are bringing our platform into concrete application and making data integrity a matter of course in corporate processes."

Minechain is a platform economy for the global supply chain ecosystem for the sourcing and trading of Green Hydrogen and critical raw materials. The Minechain Platform supports the interoperability of information exchange between stakeholders, financial institutions and government bodies for a digital supply chain. Ubirch certificates are used by providers to ensure data integrity and authenticity into the Blockchain architecture to be able to support the network effects/nodes.

Marilan Dumke, Minechain CEO: "The Ubirch Startup Challenge is a great opportunity for Minechain's business model. Ubirch's digital evidence and data integrity technology complements Minechain's value proposition for the reliability and traceability of information for the energy commodity supply chain, especially contributing to the digital certification of Green Hydrogen, to measure and certify the reduction of carbon emissions from industries. This will increase the sustainability of global and local value chains, and economic diversification, and will contribute to the energy security of Germany and the European Union."

AIRXBIG is active in the business field "Drones as a Service". The company provides customized solutions in the areas of software, hardware, and data modelling and analysis, all from a single source. The focus of the company's activities is agriculture, municipalities and the public safety sector. AIRXBIG would provide the images and data with Ubirch certificates so that the timing and authenticity of the evidence imagery can be tracked. In the specific use case of agriculture, where drones capture and measure photo data for farmers, Ubirch’s certificates can validate to farmers the time and authenticity of the data provided. 

VIRINNOX works with a wide range of partners in the healthcare sector. The digital platform, developed in-house, serves as an interface and one-stop shop for complete testing procedures, primarily in pharmacies as the first point of contact – both for individuals and companies in the partner network. From test procurement and scheduling to test evaluation and transmission, everything can be provided from a single source. The range of tests includes COVID 19 antibody tests, various rapid tests, PCR tests, vitamin D tests and many more. Ubirch certificates are to be used to ensure the authenticity and immutability of the PDF certificates created and to prove the time of issue.


Ubirch is a data proof solution that brings security into data driven processes and establishes trust between multiple stakeholders. It’s one cloud-based Proof Machine that enables everyone involved to verify the authenticity and integrity of data received. Founded and managed by experienced specialists in cryptography, blockchain and data-driven business models, Ubirch is combining robust cryptography and modern blockchain technology into an innovative, easy to use SaaS product. Together with a consortium of renowned companies, the Cologne-based company has developed and is operating the official infrastructure of the EU Digital COVID Certificate for Germany. www.ubirch.com

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