Ubirch Strengthens Position
in Digital Offerings for Sustainability in Businesses
by Joining Digital Association Bitkom

Cologne, Berlin / November 30th, 2023. Cologne-based technology company Ubirch has joined the Digital Association Bitkom. This membership marks a significant step for Ubirch as the company expands its commitment to promoting digitization and data security in Germany. Bitkom gains substantial expertise in digital certificates and verifiable ESG/CSRD data through its new member, Ubirch.

Stephan Noller, CEO of Ubirch, commented on the Bitkom membership, stating, "We are delighted to be part of the Bitkom association and are confident that this partnership will strengthen our role as a technology leader in the field of ESG solutions. Our Bitkom membership provides us with access to an influential network and resources to advance our solution in Germany."

Founded in 2016, Ubirch specializes in digitally proving data. In collaboration with a consortium, the company developed the digital COVID certificate for the EU in Germany. With its ESG Data Exchange Network, Ubirch now offers a solution to integrate CO2 data into a machine-readable structure that can be incorporated into the CSRD reporting required by the EU.

"With Bitkom membership, new opportunities for collaboration with other leading companies and experts in the digital industry open up," says Bitkom CEO Dr. Bernhard Rohleder. "We are pleased that Ubirch brings its expertise in ESG data and digital solutions for sustainability to Bitkom and simultaneously benefits from the latest developments and best practices in the industry."

Ubirch looks forward to a successful collaboration with Bitkom and is committed to actively shaping Germany's digital future by promoting innovation and digital security.

About Ubirch:

German technology company Ubirch provides solutions for businesses to meet EU requirements for ESG data in sustainability reports from 2024 onwards. The UBIRCH ESG Data Exchange Network is a crucial component in the CSRD process, allowing reporting companies to make their ESG data easily and digitally accessible from Score 3. This enables companies to integrate CO2 equivalents from suppliers and processes into their reports, reduce costs, and enhance purchasing decisions. Suppliers gain a competitive advantage by providing EU-compliant, transparent data. For more information, visit www.ubirch.com.

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