Ubirch Wins T Challenge 2022/23 for Best Application

Cologne, June 5, 2023 // Cologne-based company Ubirch has won this year's T Challenge by Deutsche Telekom in the category of "Best Solution". In addition to the award, the company receives a prize money of 100,000 euros. Ubirch was recognized for its cloud-based platform for digital data attestation, which allows all parties involved to verify the authenticity and integrity of received data and obtain data certificates. Those who process this data can always verify its integrity.

The decentralized KYC token application presented by Ubirch is the first blockchain-based identification solution that enables the identification and recognition of the avatar of a real-existing user in virtual stores. The NFT establishes a smart contract and is a non-transferable token. It is minted in a crypto wallet during user identification. With the Ubirch Trust Service, companies and customers can protect themselves against fraud in the metaverse or plagiarism on NFT marketplaces by providing continuously verifiable proof of ownership and origin. It is also conceivable to prevent so-called deepfake attacks in virtual meetings.

But other application areas are also conceivable. Ubirch can generate verifiable ESG data. More and more companies treat their ESG balance with almost the same attention as their financial balance. The new EU CSRD directive imposes binding rules that bring new requirements for many companies. Ubirch offers companies a simple and quickly implementable solution for this.

Founded and led by experienced specialists in cryptography, blockchain, and data-driven business models, Ubirch combines robust cryptography and modern blockchain technology in an innovative, easily integratable SaaS solution. Over 1 billion critical data points have already been secured through the Ubirch platform.

Stephan Noller, CEO and Founder of Ubirch, commented: "We are delighted that Ubirch is one of the winning teams of the T Challenge. I am proud of the courage and professionalism of my colleagues who presented our product to top management and experts from T-Mobile US, Telekom, and partners such as Celo. I am equally proud of the performance of our development team, which tirelessly works on the best solutions for enhanced data security."

The range of applications in the T Challenge 2022/23 varied from token-certified emission credits, decentralized cybersecurity mesh architecture, and an NFT ticketing protocol to video streaming in the metaverse, wallets, smart contracts, and decentralized identity management. This is already the third edition of the T Challenge, the global competition by Telekom and T-Mobile US for startups, developers, and developers. The previous editions focused on home networking and XR technologies. For more information, visit www.telekom-challenge.com. Hubraum, the tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom, has been an investor in Ubirch since 2020.


About Ubirch:

Ubirch is a technology company that provides digital data attestation solutions. Its cloud-based solution brings security to data-driven processes and creates trust among multiple parties by allowing them to verify the authenticity and integrity of received data. In collaboration with a consortium, the Cologne-based company developed and operates the digital COVID certificate for Germany as part of the EU. For further information: www.ubirch.com

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